Maximize Efficiency & Prevent Downtime

Meet compliance and keep your facility running smoothly with electrical and instrumentation support services from Interstates. Our skilled technicians can install, calibrate, and troubleshoot the devices that are crucial to the success and safety of your operations.

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The Importance of Support

Compliance Made Easy

Our technicians ensure you meet compliance requirements while keeping your facility operating smoothly. Years of experience in various industries (including ethanol, biodiesel, oilseeds, and crush) equip our maintenance support experts to keep your plant in compliance and running efficiently.

Accuracy & Efficiency

Reduce future risk to your team and your facility by ensuring your instruments are properly calibrated and maintained. Our instrumentation technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge to support all your calibration and monitoring needs. Gain peace of mind knowing your facility is operating efficiently in a safe environment.

Tailored Support

We understand the complexity of industrial electrical systems and the impact downtime can have on your facility. Our experienced technicians are standing by, ready to assist you with all your electrical and instrumentation needs. A simple assessment allows us to develop a solution to keep your facility running efficiently. You also have access to our 24-hour technical support team.

Related Services

Two men wearing PPE working on laptops.

Breaker Injection Testing

Faulty breakers pose serious risks and costly disruptions to your personnel and plant. Our Breaker Injection Testing ensures your circuit breakers function correctly, boosting safety and compliance with NFPA 70B standards. Prevent unexpected failures from disrupting operations—take proactive steps to enhance safety, reduce potential downtime, and meet regulatory requirements.

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Employee performing an assessment on equipment.

Electrical Maintenance & Testing

Interstates understands the complexity of industrial electrical systems. Our expert assessment can quickly get your facility running again with on-site support right when you need it, including nights, weekends, and on an on-call basis. Our technicians have access to skilled, 24-hour technical support.

Equipment used during a hazard monitoring audit.

Hazard Monitoring

Whether you’re worried about dust explosions or need to achieve NFPA 61 and OSHA 1910.272 compliance, our full-service approach to hazard monitoring audits can meet your specific needs. We conduct thorough audits, work with all brands of hazard monitoring systems, and perform equipment repairs and installations.

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Interstates employee calibrating equipment.

Instrumentation Calibration

You need your instruments to function efficiently, and Interstates offers electrical and instrumentation expertise you can trust. In addition to calibration, you can achieve more in less time when we handle removing and reinstalling devices for you. This single solution offers many benefits, including standard operating procedures, calibration plans, documentation and labels, custody transfer certifications, and off-site/on-site calibration.

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