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The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is here, and staying competitive is crucial. Interstates simplifies this transition for you. We specialize in industrial data solutions, bridging gaps between field devices, centralizing control system data, and integrating plant floor data. Our data scientists work alongside our in-house automation and operational technology experts to ensure each project we deliver meets and exceeds your expectations. By collecting and centralizing your data, we help optimize your production processes, boost your plant's data security, find unique solutions to specific challenges, and enhance operational visibility. Your plant data holds a world of potential. We’ll help you find it.

The Importance of Industrial Analytics

Optimize Production Processes

Get the right data to your operations team to increase process uptime, reduce material costs, and optimize output.

Boost Data Security

Incorporate powerful security initiatives to ensure that all of your critical data and sensitive information is protected.

Leverage Unique Solutions

We evaluate your vision and budget to develop a unique analytics solution that works for your specific industrial needs.

Enhance Visibility

Collect data across every layer of your plant and tap into important tracking information when and where you need it.

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Advanced Analytics

As Industry 4.0 and IIoT solutions become more prevalent in the manufacturing world, basic industrial data analytics aren’t robust enough to provide the advanced insights you need to enhance your facility and stay relevant. We go beyond conventional analytics by employing advanced techniques like model predictive control, utility monitoring, and anomaly detection. Our approach doesn't merely collect data; it predicts, models, simulates, and analyzes future outcomes. Through these advanced solutions, we optimize performance and adapt to changing plant conditions, ensuring you get the most from your equipment and processes while addressing unique operational challenges.

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Data Collection & Storage

Never lose out on valuable data analyses that could benefit your facility in the long run. Organize and utilize your important information with the support of our team. We collect and securely store the data you need from every source across the board, regardless of format, to ensure it’s all in one centralized location. With easy access to trends and insights, you can better plan for the future of your plant. Learn more about our full process.

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Reporting & Dashboarding

Make your data work for you and leverage the power of real-time reporting to access information when you need it. We’ll help you integrate user-friendly reporting platforms to spot trends at your facility, extract specific information, and make decisions based on your findings. Translate your data from large information pools into actionable and broken-down insights that you can use to make smarter decisions and optimize your operations. Learn more about our full process.

Brochure Analytics and the digital transformation process

As you embark on your digital transformation journey, discover how industrial analytics is a key piece of the puzzle in our guide. Learn how to harness your manufacturing data to enhance efficiency, drive smarter growth decisions, and revolutionize your operations through the six pivotal stages of your digital evolution. With examples of how analytics can help overcome your challenges, this guide is your roadmap to the future of your plant, empowering you to make informed steps toward operational excellence.

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Case Study Tracking the impact of new hardware with real-time data

Hardware changes can impact manufacturing processes and production. When a globally recognized consumer packaged goods company needed visibility into the operational impact of a major equipment upgrade, our industrial analytics team built a custom dashboard to do just that. It gave the client real-time data for smarter decision-making, a clear view of engineering issues, and a way to view and solve problems with the new equipment.

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