Flexible E-House Solutions When and Where You Need Them

Electrical projects are often complex and time sensitive. Modular e-houses from Interstates are designed to streamline your project, ensuring speed to market, quality, and a reduction of total project risk. These pre-assembled and tested modular power distribution systems provide fast, flexible power right where you need it. When you leverage our decades of expertise in electrical and controls integration, you can choose from turnkey e-house solutions that fit a variety of needs, spaces, and budgets.

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The Importance of Modular Solutions

Time Savings

Make parallel progress on your electrical projects – our components are fabricated off-site while on-site work continues, saving time and easing trade stacking.


Our wide range of modular design services, from fully customized to standardized options, ensures that your project aligns with your vision and application needs.

Cost Certainty

Modular solutions feature a predictable pricing model, providing you with cost certainty from the outset.

Superior Quality

Constructed in a climate-controlled environment by trained, experienced technicians, our fully integrated modular solutions demonstrate superior quality and repeatability while boosting safety by taking work off-site.

Our Proven Approach

Inside of an e-house.

Industry Informed Design Expertise

With engineering experience across an array of industries, our skilled teams will provide a viable solution that meets your specific project needs.

Man in a yellow hard had wiring.

Comprehensive Services

Interstates provides end-to-end services, from custom design to delivery and even installation, with over 1,000,000 square feet of production space to meet your project needs efficiently.

Man working on a computer monitor.

Long-term Partnership

We want our partnership to extend beyond the build – giving you access to trusted guidance, cost certainty, and competitive lead times from the design phase through ongoing maintenance and support.

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You can rely on Interstates to bring your industrial facility to the next level. Work with us and optimize your plant with updated technology, faster turnaround times, and maximized efficiency. Let’s schedule a conversation so we can learn more about the ins and outs of your vision.