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Electrical site audits do more than identify issues for remediation. They ensure your facility is safe, reliable, and ready for future growth. Our engineering and electrical experts dig into the details of your plant to understand problem areas and provide conceptual solutions. We’ll learn about your goals for the facility and get to work so you can make decisions to improve safety and operations.

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The Importance of Electrical Site Audits


Keep your employees safe and avoid equipment damage.


Identify risks and solve problems before they cause unplanned downtime.


Document your vital electrical equipment and components for easier risk mitigation and maintenance.

Future Capacity

Understand the future growth potential for your facility and electrical system.

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inside of an electric room.

Electrical Obsolescence Evaluation

Don’t let aging equipment shut down your plant. Understanding your equipment’s lifecycle status and life expectancy empowers you to make informed decisions about when and how to update it. An electrical obsolescence audit from Interstates will gather the vital information you need to avoid unexpected downtime caused by equipment failure or malfunction. This data will also give you a big-picture view of the electrical health of your facility, helping you make smarter plans for the future.

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Electrical System Evaluation

You need to get ahead of your aging electrical infrastructure. Our evaluation of your power distribution system can get you there. We provide short and long-term electrical remediation options, giving you solid insight into the overall health of the electrical system.

These evaluations provide retrofit and remediation options to help you make smarter investment decisions. When you're prepared to make a move, explore our comprehensive electrical upgrade options with ERx.

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Testing being done on electrical equipment

Grounding Audit

You need preventative maintenance measures to protect employees and electrical equipment. With ground resistance and continuity testing, you’ll have a clear picture of the status of your grounding system, including corrective actions to improve it.

Electrical remediation ensures your grounding system is properly grounded and bonded to protect your employees and equipment. You’ll see improved equipment reliability, a safer environment from potential electrical shock, and reduced fault damage.

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Pressure Safety Valve Audit

If you need to meet OSHA’s PSM program standards, you’ll need specific safety valve assessments every 5 years. Since most facilities continue to make changes and improvements to their plants, our assessment ensures that the sizing of pressure safety valves is still correct, even with changes to equipment.

We perform capacity calculations, confirm that devices can protect your processes, and provide a summarized report with any suggested actions to take. Your plant will be safer and you’ll achieve OSHA PSM compliance.

Case Study Auditing Aging Electrical Gear to Avoid Downtime

You don't want to be late to the game when it comes to aging or obsolete equipment. When electrical equipment ages, it can be difficult to find parts, and in sudden downtime, that's the last thing you want. Understanding your equipment lifecycle with an audit can help you avoid unnecessary headaches.

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View of conduit coming into a control panel as part of a electrical system in an industrial facility.

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