Ensuring Reliability and Security

Have confidence in the reliability and security of your manufacturing infrastructure from day one. Interstates' network specialists will tackle your challenges head-on, pinpointing problems and delivering solutions to ensure that all critical systems are optimized, managed, and maintained. By partnering with us, you'll unearth the complete potential of your industrial plant, unveiling the true brilliance of smart OT.

The Importance of Networking & Virtualization

Network Reliability

Get the performance you expect from your critical systems by relying on Interstates to design, deploy, and manage your infrastructure.

Move Forward With Confidence

Our certified specialists have the experience and insight to ask the right questions and find solutions that meet your needs.

Security You Can Trust

Your infrastructure is the lifeline of your operations. Today's sophisticated attacks demand an advanced approach to OT network security.

Scalable Solutions Built For OT

Meet your budget and timing goals with tailored implementation and support solutions from experts with a deep understanding of ICS networks.

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Two employees monitor the networking equipment in a control panel.

Network Design, Management, & Support

Protecting your network and the data your plant depends on means preventing access from unauthorized users, processes, and software. Our solutions reach beyond traditional security measures, encompassing multi-layer security designs like industrialized DMZ, firewalls, and security product integration. Our IT/OT experts provide you with comprehensive assistance, from on-site assessments and network design to procurement management and implementation. Whether you need end-to-end support or specific training, we tailor solutions to your needs. Our on-site and remote support services ensure network resilience and unwavering security.

Two employees review a tables of information on several monitors.

Lifecycle Evaluation & Management

Discover the power of strategic decision-making for your critical infrastructure. Lifecycle evaluation and management will ensure your assets thrive from inception to retirement. Our experts optimize and maintain your infrastructure, enhancing reliability, efficiency, and security. Gain the confidence you need to navigate a dynamic digital landscape, future-proofing your operations and paving the way for sustainable growth.

Employee using a computer to monitor the software-defined networking solutions installed in a prefab shop.

Software-Defined Networking

Your manufacturing network may rely on manual processes that are susceptible to human error or cybersecurity solutions that leave you vulnerable to attacks. Our SDN solutions protect your plant from industrial adversaries. With solutions that assess, design, implement, and support the Veracity OT Network Management Platform, you can rely on Interstates to mitigate security threats and maximize plant uptime.

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Technical expert reviews the hardware on a server.

Virtualization Management & Edge Computing

Gain efficiency and flexibility even in aging infrastructures with virtualization and edge computing solutions for your specific environment. Resource recommendations are based on your usage trends and future site projects, giving you the smartest path forward.

Our cutting-edge solutions enable lightning-fast analytics and insights right where your industrial data is generated. From assessments and audits to industrial data optimization – we have the expertise to support your virtual infrastructure needs.

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