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From project inception to ongoing facility operation, you can rely on Interstates to navigate industrial complexities so your business can thrive.

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About Interstates Values-Driven Excellence

For over 70 years, Interstates has been solving the most complex challenges and providing innovative solutions for industrial manufacturing and processing facilities across the globe. You can count on us to design, build, automate, maintain, and protect the lifeline of your facility, including the industrial processes, infrastructure, and electrical systems that power your operations. At Interstates, our values are what guide our actions and define our people-centered culture. These values build connections, binding us not only to each other, but to our clients.

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Interstates employees fabricating conduit for a manufactured solution.

Who We Serve

In a quickly changing industry landscape, it can be challenging to lower costs and optimize productivity while maintaining a safe environment. At Interstates, we know these obstacles well and can help you overcome them to become cost-effective, safe, and efficient. You can rely on Interstates to be your go-to partner.

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Food processing facility with the mountains in the background.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The goal of this project was to tie two facilities together using an automated system. Interstates brought both those facilities, from two completely different eras in grain handling, together seamlessly. We are now able to use automation and computer control systems in both facilities to move and process grain.

Josh Rensink, Owner, Green Thumb

The best thing that happened on the project was Interstates’ ability to solve complicated problems on the spot during a plant shutdown. The crews from Interstates that have worked on our project have been amazing. They exemplify hard work and customer service all at the same time.

Director of Operations, TFP Nutrition

From several aspects, this might be the best network cabinet rebuild I've ever been involved with in my 20+ years. There are many great changes, making this a great improvement for this plant.

Regional Factory IT Project Manager, Pet Food Facility in Ohio

As a project team, we searched for ways to drive as much work offsite and into a shop as possible. That decision paid off as the pandemic impacted the way we were able to work. Interstates’ ability to prefabricate offsite helped move hours from the field into the shop and reduced the overall on-site manpower.

Karl Kratzke, Senior Capital Project Manager at PURIS

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