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Let our automation experts save you the headache of solving complicated automation issues at your facility. Interstates combines proven industry expertise with control systems knowledge to support, maintain, and restore your most critical infrastructure. Our tailored automation support solutions help manage the lifecycle of your control system, protecting plant uptime and saving you time and money.

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The Importance of Automation Support

Protect Vital Systems

Interstates’ onsite and remote experts cover your plant’s most important systems with expert automation and control support.

Minimize Downtime

Our control system experts are available 24/7 and will keep your plant up and running during critical times.

Operate More Safely

When your operations are automated and fully supported, plant equipment and processes work like they should – safely.

Uncover Efficiency Opportunities

With a depth of expertise in automation support and control systems, we proactively search for ways to boost efficiency and productivity at your facility.

Our Proven Approach

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Solve the Skills Gap

Our industry expertise and control systems skills will protect your operations and minimize downtime. At Interstates, we are experts at remotely supporting your facility and assisting your staff for a fraction of the cost of having an on-site specialist. Some of our areas of expertise include programmable logic controllers (PLC), human-machine interfaces (HMI), drives, and databases.

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Responsive Support

Immediate support services protect plant uptime and save money. Our team will continually work toward a resolution. Even when assistance is deployed to your facility, Interstates continues to work with you remotely until we have someone on-site. We offer 24/7 live support to all of our clients and a guaranteed 30-minute response to contracted clients. You are not gaining access to one person. Instead, Interstates provides you with access to an entire team of support.

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System Expertise

Our experts use their broad knowledge of automation issues to support your complex operations and protect plant uptime. We then formulate a plan tailored to your unique needs. Interstates is continually working to master the nuances of your industry and become the experts for your individual systems, learning your specific controls and operations.

Service Spotlight Why Implement PID Loop Monitoring?

Plants utilize loops to control pressure, temperature, speed, and more. When operating properly, these loops increase safety and efficiency, but how can you know if your loops are working correctly? Interstates’ PID Loop Monitoring solution monitors the performance of an enterprise fleet of industrial process control loops. It detects and identifies underperforming control loops and helps diagnose problems.

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Brochure Providing First-Class Support

At Interstates, we pride ourselves on providing first-class support to our customers. It all starts with our dedicated support professionals. If you're looking for a comprehensive overview of our available support options, our Automation Support brochure outlines support contract levels, cost comparisons, and much more.

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