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With over 60 years of experience and a strong reputation in the Value-Added Agriculture industry, we're well aware of the growing demands for fast production and delivery time. We have the unique know-how to help you optimize your processes and structures, regardless of size or complexity. Improve workplace safety, scale your business, secure your plant systems, and boost productivity with solutions specifically fine-tuned to value-added agriculture facilities.

Delivering Results

From building new plants to adding onto existing facilities, we leverage our design-build expertise, technical know-how, and industry longevity to successfully deliver your project. If you're not finding what you're looking for, explore our full range of services.


Take key manufacturing processes offsite to save time, fill labor gaps, and stay on schedule.


Automate your machinery for precise lot tracking, reporting, and recipe management while remaining compliant.

Regional Presence

Rely on our regional experts to respond quickly and effectively in person when issues arise.

Bin Tuning

Optimize your batching control system with bin tuning to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and reduce waste for cost savings.


Safeguard the operations, data, reputation, and future growth of your facility.

Advanced Data Analytics

Monitor quality, production efficiency, and more, providing valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Large grain elevator.

Expertise You Can Count On

Seed & Grain

Seed and grain is a vital sector, but when it comes to grain handling, receiving, and storage, plants face various challenges. This could include aging equipment that is hard to troubleshoot or maintain, overwhelming staffing shortages, and the ever-present need to update obsolete technology. To address these hurdles, we have the know-how to implement a variety of solutions, such as automated seed cleaning and sorting systems to improve product quality, grain handling systems that efficiently load and unload grains in storage silos, and IoT-based sensors that monitor grain conditions in real-time.

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A grain bin.

Animal Feed & Pet Food

Our team brings a wide breadth of experience to the animal feed and pet food sectors, including greenfield builds, upgrades, service calls, and ongoing support. The overall goal is to ensure that you receive the support you need to overcome common challenges such as supply chain issues, inflation, rising demands, and lack of time. We implement centralized control systems to streamline production, install hazard monitoring systems to ensure high-quality feed products, and more to help you deliver nutritious livestock feed, pet food, and pet treats on time and on budget.

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Animal and Pet Food facility.

Flour Milling

Flour milling factories tend to face hurdles that prevent the fast delivery of quality products. This includes the use of obsolete equipment, which can lead to slow production and breaches in security, overwhelming staffing shortages paired with lack of automation to fill the gap, and much more. We offer solutions to ensure that your flour mill meets its production and budget goals. These include automated flour milling systems for consistent quality and lower turnaround times, integrated safety protocols such as dust explosion prevention and fire suppression systems, and advanced data analytics to provide insights into continuous improvement.

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Interior view of a modern flour mill


We bring over 40 years in the oilseed industry to help efficiently and affordably deliver oil products for food processing, industrial uses, biofuels, animal feed, and more. We have successfully carried out facility expansion projects and greenfield facility developments, including preparation, extraction, meal loadout, cooling towers, and maintenance for soybean and canola plants. Leveraging our technical expertise, design-build capabilities, and industry longevity, we’re one of the few contractors capable of handling oilseed projects of all sizes and complexity levels.

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Oilseed facility

Featured Project New Fashion Pork Feed Mill

New Fashion Pork, based in Jackson, MN, has pork production operations in seven states across the Midwest. In order to supply nearby hog facilities, they decided to build a new feed mill in Round Lake, MN. Interstates provided the full gamut of services for this project using an integrated approach called DB3. This integrated approach means design-build services plus three areas of expertise, including power and controls, engineering, automation programming and development, and electrical construction work. This new feed mill has the capability to produce 150,000 tons of feed per year, which will feed the hogs at facilities within 90 miles of Round Lake.

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Pork Feed Mill

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Harinas Elizondo Mill

Automation everywhere, from receiving rail cars to packing machines, was the goal in this new flour mill for Harinas Elizondo.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The goal of this project was to tie two facilities together using an automated system. Interstates brought both those facilities, from two completely different eras in grain handling, together seamlessly. We are now able to use automation and computer control systems in both facilities to move and process grain.

Josh Rensink, Owner, Green Thumb

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