Protect Your Plant with Proactive Maintenance

Transform the way you maintain your operation. The Interstates team helps you protect your uptime, maximize efficiency, and utilize resources more effectively. We make sure that your plant is running smoothly at all times by fully understanding the current state of operations, developing a solution that meets the unique needs of your industry and market, and evolving our approach as your plant evolves. Additionally, our day-to-day on-call and on-site support can enhance your operations through troubleshooting, inspections, and proactive maintenance.

The Maintenance & Support Trifecta

Experience our trifecta of maintenance and support: automation, electrical and instrumentation, and operational technology support. Our holistic approach ensures your industrial plant is healthy and efficient so you can achieve smooth and optimal performance. With our commitment to quality and client satisfaction, you can rely on us to keep your factory running at peak performance.

A employee checks maintenance on a tablet.
Support employee smiles at the camera, several monitors are in the background.

Automation Support

Automation incidents are the bane of the modern facility. Our team has the knowledge and abilities to help prevent disruptive incidents from occurring while also preparing for incidents that may occur through proactive backups and system upgrades. In the case of an incident, our team of control experts can respond to your needs both during and outside of office hours, helping get you back to operational as quickly as possible. Our automation team can also help you optimize your facility through activities like PID loop monitoring and Bin Tuning.

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An employee wearing a hard hat and vest checks maintenance.

Electrical & Instrumentation Support

Electrical and instrumentation support is essential for industrial manufacturing facilities, boosting system reliability and uptime for continuous production. Our services ensure your operations meet stringent safety standards and regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of costly downtimes and safety incidents. With expertise in preventative maintenance, we identify and address potential equipment failures before they occur, significantly extending the lifespan of your critical machinery. Whether complying with NFPA 70B or preventing production loss, our solutions, including breaker injection testing and hazard monitoring, ensure your plant's safety and efficiency.

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One employee reviews the network configuration while another employee adjusts the equipment.

Operational Technology Support

Plant resiliency starts with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges industrial facilities face. You need a team that can manage the infrastructure starting with the age and health of your systems. Our team of experts knows the nuances of both IT and OT environments and will implement the activities necessary for your facility to operate uninterrupted.

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The best thing that happened on the project was Interstates’ ability to solve complicated problems on the spot during a plant shutdown. The crews from Interstates that have worked on our project have been amazing. They exemplify hard work and customer service all at the same time.

Director of Operations, TFP Nutrition

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