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As technology evolves, manufacturing facilities are facing a growing demand for more output at a faster speed. That’s why it’s critical to keep up with the ever-changing digital world. Interstates offers state-of-the-art industrial automation to support you with updating an aging facility, addressing workforce shortages, and bringing obsolete systems into the modern era. Our team acts as a total systems integrator by providing the highest quality control system engineering services, operational technology, 24/7 support, and more. By automating your plant and streamlining reporting for real-time tracking and control, we’re here to support you with your digital transformation.

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Optimize your feed, pet food, or flour manufacturing facility for peak performance with our I-Control software, configured to your specific site. It also integrates into your existing business operations to meet all of your budget, downtime, and risk needs. Invest in I-Control for support with tracking ingredients and managing recipes to adhere to FDA food safety regulations while meeting increasing production demands.

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Industrial Automation

Boost production and modernize your hardware with industrial automation. Using control system integration, we bring updated technology into your facility to automate your current processes. We also offer automation retrofits to upgrade your existing configurations rather than replace entire systems to provide a cost-effective solution for you. Experience exceptional speed, increased precision, and greater output with our cutting-edge automation solutions.

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Digital Transformation

As consumer expectations transform and become more diverse, manufacturers experience greater pressure to grow. Organizations, particularly those in the industrial sector, must continuously evolve and advance to satisfy consumer demands. Our team stays on top of the latest digital trends to provide you with optimized solutions that improve manufacturing processes and boost production.

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Heat Trace Automation

Keeping your heat trace system up and running is imperative to keeping your facility going. However, factors such as freezing within pipes, pressure build-up, and cracks can threaten your system at any time. We’ll help you gain visibility into your heat trace circuits, maintain ideal temperatures for product quality, and prevent failure before it happens with automation and real-time monitoring.

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The best thing that happened on the project was Interstates’ ability to solve complicated problems on the spot during a plant shutdown. The crews from Interstates that have worked on our project have been amazing. They exemplify hard work and customer service all at the same time.

Director of Operations, TFP Nutrition

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