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Maximize your plant's efficiency while minimizing scrap and re-work using I-Control, a configurable solution that meets your site’s specific production, process, and data requirements. With helpful alerts and checks, your team can execute orders and manage ingredients, recipes, and inventory. I-Control seamlessly integrates with your business systems, including orders, formulation, ERP, MES, and quality, providing you with the necessary traceability data to comply with industry and government regulations.

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The Importance of I-Control

Peak Productivity

Maximize output with data-driven decisions and modern process automation solutions.

Quality Control

Advanced mill automation to execute recipes with accuracy you can trust.


Hardware and mill management software that meets your unique production, workflow, and process needs.


24/7 support for those times when things don’t go according to plan and you need help getting your operation back up and running.

Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

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Meet Demand

Your plant’s physical layout and regional requirements are unique, but all plants risk losing business if they don’t meet increasing demand while adhering to FDA food safety regulations. You need a solution for your mill automation that’s configurable and integrated.

I-Control considers your unique production workflow and enables you to increase output safely through modernized process automation and mill management software that integrates with your other business systems.

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Upgrade Mill Automation

You need to be able to receive, manipulate, and combine ingredients to produce a quality product for your customers. With modernized mill automation, you can execute these tasks quickly and safely.

I-Control offers a phased approach to process automation, meeting your unique budget, downtime, and risk requirements. You can run at peak output and fulfill orders efficiently with inventory management and mill management software.

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Preventative Maintenance & Support

I-Control support is comprehensive and available 24/7. Our software updates keep your solution current and supported, and we maintain full backups of your system to protect you in case of a disaster. Proactive monitoring of HMI and PLC error logs catches issues before they happen and keeps you up and running. Regular site visits provide training, PC/PLC preventive maintenance, control system tuning, and hardware audits to ensure your operations keep running smoothly.

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