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You need high-quality, reliable industrial control panels at your facilities – we’ve built them for over 30 years. Our UL508a-certified industrial control panels meet best-in-class global quality standards and deliver superior, repeatable results. With vast experience and solid relationships with suppliers, we build panels faster and with dependable delivery. You’ll get speed to market and so much more, with solutions ranging from programming to electrical commissioning to maintenance.

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The Importance of Industrial Control Panels


Decades of electrical control panel expertise give you high-quality panels, quicker installs, and skilled troubleshooting.

Competitive Pricing

Stay on budget with our in-house solutions and components sourced from multiple vendors.


Turn-key industrial control panel solutions and expert project management give you both flexibility and speedy delivery.

Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

Individual building a control panel

Speed to Market

Global supply chain issues are impacting – and delaying – every stage of industrial construction projects. We have time-tested relationships with quality suppliers that reduce delays and ensure dependable delivery, and our panels arrive ready to install. External manufacturing increases the speed of delivery and cuts installation time, keeping your project schedule on track.

Front view of a completed control panel


You need consistent, high-quality industrial control panels to keep your facilities running dependably. Our UL508a-certified panels meet the highest quality standards and include an extended warranty. Reliable panels built in a controlled environment give you the consistency and high quality you need to achieve targeted process reliability.

Individual in safety gear checking wires in a control panel


Safety concerns are heightened when you use low-quality or improperly built electrical control panels. Our certified panel shop uses the highest quality materials and does rigorous testing, resulting in safe, dependable panels that are ready to install upon arrival. Our expert panel fabrication offsets field maintenance risks, keeping your workers safe and your plant running.

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