Comprehensive Data Center Solutions for an Evolving Market

Inside of a data center.

April 16, 2024

Our lives are intertwined with digital devices 24 hours a day, so it’s unsurprising that the data center industry has become the backbone of global computing infrastructure. The data center market has experienced exponential growth and is projected to rocket from a $102 billion industry to one worth $935 billion by 2032. Interstates has jumped right in, playing a pivotal role in several data center projects across the Midwest, offering proficiency in budgetary pricing, value engineering, constructability, design-assist, and more.

AI Trends Demand Comprehensive Solutions

Data centers house the operational server racks for data storage and computation, using large amounts of water for cooling and a lot of energy to power the assets. Interstates supports both of these essential elements with our expertise in electrical construction. “We’re currently engaged in an array of data center projects, including a hyperscale 80-megawatt cloud data center in Omaha,” says John Molgaard, Senior Project Manager at Interstates. Some of the exponential growth in the data center market is driven by the increasing demand for AI capabilities. “AI applications are pushing the envelope, requiring data centers with advanced cooling systems for higher computation power,” Molgaard says.

This trend changes the way data centers are conceptualized and built, but Interstates’ focus on constructability and responsive design during preconstruction and preplanning helps set us apart from the competition. Bret Wilgenbusch, also a Senior Project Manager, says, “Our approach encompasses construction, design services, VDC, and manufacturing. We emphasize regional support and prefabrication, which can accelerate the project pace significantly.”

Interstates’ strengths in VDC and manufacturing are crucial to our success on these projects and why we are continually engaged for subsequent projects by our clients. “We’re moving more construction off-site into controlled environments. This not only aids in our clients’ sustainability efforts but also ensures a safer, quicker install,” Molgaard explains. This approach has led to significant installation efficiency improvements and cost savings for data center clients.

Tech and Manufacturing Solutions Boost Productivity

Jon Jones, Site Project Manager at Interstates, says Interstates’ ability to adapt and provide transparent, customized solutions has been a significant factor in building long-term client relationships. He says, “We’re determined to ensure the client is receiving as much value as possible, which can mean making recommendations on alternative means, methods, and components to best suit the needs of the project while considering cost and schedule.” Jones also mentions utilizing new techniques and technologies in the VDC and BIM space to find project success for our clients. “Using augmented reality hardware and software to visualize above- and below-grade installations, investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, and relying on proven methodologies has helped us realize a productivity increase of over double or even triple that of traditional methods,” says Jones.

Looking Ahead

As the data center market expands and new trends emerge, Interstates is poised to expand its services and footprint. Jones says, “Our ability to staff projects in nearly every region of the country is a proven advantage to owners, ensuring their projects are staffed accordingly and the schedule is maintained.” Molgaard agrees, adding, “We plan to grow in conjunction with our regional offices and craft availability, selectively taking on projects that align with our experience.” This strategic approach ensures that Interstates will continue to grow its market share in the Data Center space at a solid pace while capitalizing on market developments / trends that make sense.