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Pulling from our experience using prefabrication in our own electrical construction projects for over 20 years, we bring our cultivated expertise and proof of concept to your facility. Prefabrication can get your project completed faster and addresses the significant labor shortages facing our industry. We’ll support you by moving project labor and construction away from the job site to improve cost, safety, and quality.

Interstates employee reviewing set-up of a industrial control panel.

Industrial Control Panels

With over 30 years of experience building UL508a-certified industrial control panels, we can bring superior, repeatable results to your facility. We build our panels to meet best-in-class global quality standards with the help of strong relationships with suppliers.

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Picture of three modular e-houses.

Modular Solutions

Our modular e-houses offer you a plug-and-play solution to meet your power distribution needs. These pre-assembled and pre-tested modular power distribution stations offer rapid and flexible power supply in remote or inaccessible locations and provide temporary power during short-term projects. Allow us to take care of your electrical infrastructure and provide power exactly when and where you need it.

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Interstates employee working on an electrical skid.

Electrical Skids

Minimize site construction constraints and improve power up speed with electrical skids. These electrical assemblies are produced offsite and built to meet your current and future site needs. These prebuilt skids help shorten timelines, increase project productivity, and reduce installation time and cost.

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Three E-houses outside.

Container Solutions

Our recycled shipping container solutions help you make greener choices without compromising functionality. Affordable, modular container solutions from Interstates are outfitted as electric rooms with power distribution equipment, industrial control panels, and automation components to meet your unique needs.

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Employees in fabrication shop looking over plans as they begin their work.

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