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Invest in the future of your facility with power system studies and electrical site audits. With a high-level analysis of your plant’s power distribution systems and a close look at your electrical infrastructure, our engineers help you put safety and reliability first. Gain insight into potential risks such as shock and arc blast to ensure that your team members are working in a safe environment at all times. Stay one step ahead by maintaining full industry compliance and financial stability by getting a comprehensive understanding of your plant’s equipment and overall lifespan.

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Power System Studies

Gain a better understanding of your power systems by identifying risks, eliminating inefficiencies, and ensuring compliance. From analyzing components to planning for the future expansion of your current operation, we provide recommendations to set you up for success. We also look at potential hazards through arc flash studies to bring quality to every project and ensure a safe environment for your workers.

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Electrical Site Audits

Conducting routine electrical audits improves safety and mitigates financial losses stemming from equipment failures by preventing unplanned downtime. Our experts conduct in-depth electrical studies to understand problem areas, offer risk mitigation tactics, and provide conceptual solutions. We also conduct grounding audits to ensure your electrical systems are properly grounded, along with our electrical remediation solution, ERx, to upgrade your electrical infrastructure before potential problems arise.

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Case Study Beating Downtime: Take Charge of Aging Equipment

Equipment ages year after year – it's a reality we all face. But waiting until replacement parts become obsolete and lead to sudden downtime is a risky strategy. You don't want to be caught off guard. You need to plan ahead with confidence. An electrical obsolescence audit empowers you with the critical information you need to understand equipment lifecycle stages, making replacement planning and budgeting a smoother, stress-free process.

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