Uncover Potential Failures

Proper grounding and bonding systems are critical for keeping your facility and workers safe. Like all systems, your electrical system needs proper care and maintenance to continue supporting your operations, especially if you have aging electrical infrastructure. Ground resistance and continuity testing can uncover potential failures in the grounding system, and our experienced team can help you resolve these issues. A grounding audit from Interstates will leave you with steps to avoid lost production time, enhance machine longevity, and protect your employees.

The Importance of Grounding Audits


We'll make sure there's a good path to ground for energy to dissipate and suggest code-compliant retrofits or upgrades, avoiding dangerous electrical shocks and protecting your workers.


Grounding audits are an important part of preventative electrical maintenance programs and help keep equipment like metal detectors and motor bearings in working condition.


A good ground connection is necessary for instruments and equipment to work properly.

Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

Spark shown in panel with obsolete equipment.

Keep Your Crew Safe

Electrical shocks from a fault can range from a minor scare to a devastating loss of life. Grounding audits can help prevent these grave consequences. With a thorough system assessment and electrical troubleshooting, we’ll find problems in your grounding system that cause potential hazards. Our grounding system evaluation will leave you with clear electrical remediation or upgrade measures to improve your system.

Correcting the issues we find will give you peace of mind because you are protecting your employees by making their workspace safer.

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Increase Machine Longevity

Your equipment may be degrading, especially if you have aging electrical infrastructure or obsolete equipment. Without proactive maintenance, a poor ground connection can lead to motors pitting or fried electrical equipment.

During a grounding audit, our team conducts ground resistance and bonding testing to find static buildup and identify high resistance issues. By identifying items that should be grounded, such as process equipment, structural steel, or ground whips, we can find issues and give you a plan to fix them. You’ll have equipment that lasts longer, allowing your plant to remain in production.

Photo of the conduit that is part of an electrical system in an industrial facility.

Improve Operational Reliability

Grounding audits ensure that electrical systems and equipment are properly grounded, which helps prevent electrical failures and subsequent production shutdowns. By identifying and addressing potential grounding issues, these audits improve the reliability of electrical systems, reducing the likelihood of downtime and saving time and money in the long run.

Sample OHM readings

Determine Ohm Readings

There’s a purpose for rules. That's why the NEC and IEEE set limits for ground testing. We’ll report the ohm value of each test point and identify the severity of each reading. See the table for Interstates' recommended readings.

Proven Process Guide Your guide to a successful grounding audit

Working with Interstates on a grounding audit gives you access to a team of electrical experts ready to answer your questions and provide retrofit solutions. While on-site, we alert you of any critical ohm readings and immediate concerns. By the end of our process, you’ll understand what’s needed for an improved, safer system.

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