Identify Risks and Plan for Your Future

Safety and reliability are your top priorities. Power System Studies analyze your plant’s power distribution system to identify risks, eliminate inefficiencies, and ensure compliance. Years of electrical experience have equipped us to identify risks and offer cost-effective solutions through arc flash studies, power factor correction analyses, load studies, and more – bringing quality and reliability to every project.

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The Importance of Power System Studies

Identify & Reduce Safety Risks

Detailed power system assessments uncover risks and give you a safer plant moving forward.

Ensure Compliance

Meet regulations and determine the best way to protect your workers.

Pinpoint Inefficiencies

Maintain plant reliability when you solve electrical issues with cost-effective solutions.

Expand Confidently

Understand your expansion capabilities with our detailed power systems analyses.

Related Services

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Arc Flash Study

You need your facility to be safe and your people and equipment well protected. With an Arc Flash Study, you can protect your workers by identifying safety hazards and putting short-term and long-term remediation plans in place. Our experts have in-depth electrical knowledge, so you can rest assured that we'll go beyond compliance.

To make it easy for you, we offer various arc flash packages. Whether meeting compliance standards or needing guidance to fix safety issues, we can tailor it to meet your facility's needs. Whatever you choose, you'll always receive a study reviewed and approved by a licensed engineer.

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Load Study

You want to expand your plant, but you’re unsure about available ampacity. With a Load Study, we help you understand your facility’s current running load to determine if you have the available ampacity for the future electrical load.

Our Load Study provides the information and details you need, like your current power consumption, to assist in making expansion decisions and capital investments.

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Power Factor Correction Analysis

If you have a power factor requirement in your electric utility contract, you could be charged a financial penalty by your utility provider. A power factor analysis can uncover significant financial impact to your operations.

Our PFC analysis will investigate power quality inefficiencies, provide recommendations for improvement, and calculate an ROI for suggested changes. At the end of the day, a PFC analysis will identify opportunities to ensure your plant operations are more efficient and economical, keeping your electrical consumption costs under control.

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