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You want a safer and more reliable facility, and you need to adhere to NFPA/OSHA regulations. Our arc flash experts give you more than a report that meets compliance; you'll get specific ways to make your facility safer, NFPA 70E training for your employees, and recommendations for any issues found on site. Our arc flash study consists of a complete power system studies package. It includes an arc flash assessment, short circuit analysis, and protective device coordination study.

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The Importance of Arc Flash Studies


Our arc flash report gives details explaining how to make your facility safer.


Having Interstates complete your arc flash analysis will keep you up to date on NFPA 70E and OSHA requirements.


Our team identifies issues with electrical equipment that could impact uptime and production, and we provide solutions to help resolve your problems and mitigate risk.


We take the time while we are on site to discuss any electrical problems and develop electrical safety solutions that meet your needs.

Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

Example of a damaged electrical system.

Protect Your Employees

Finding ways to protect your workers from dangerous incidents, like an arc flash, is paramount for your facility. Our arc flash and short circuit studies provide corrective actions for issues found on site. Once these steps are taken, your risk of arc flash is lowered and your equipment is safer to operate.

Our data collectors identify arc flash hazards and label them so your team and contract electricians know precisely what PPE they need to wear when working on energized equipment. We also conduct NFPA 70E training to inform your employees of the electrical hazards in the workplace.

Electrician reviewing a system to determine if there are code violations.

Fix Code Violations

Did you know you could be operating with unidentified code violations that may lead to safety issues or unplanned downtime? While conducting your arc flash audit, our team keeps an eye out for apparent code violations that could lead to problems down the road.

Codes from NFPA and NEC were created to keep employees safe and your equipment running. Violations like working space, wire size, transformer protection, and underrated equipment may not be obvious to the everyday worker but can greatly affect your operations. Our experts will identify violations and help find solutions so you can operate your plant with peace of mind.

View of an empty electrical room.

Enhance Equipment Reliability

Unreliable electrical equipment can lead to higher arc flash risk, short circuit failures, or a breaker tripping that kills power to your entire facility. Our short circuit analysis and protective device coordination ensure underrated electrical gear is identified and breakers are properly coordinated. We can also make breaker adjustments that keep the power distribution coordinated while lowering the arc flash hazard.

Our solutions help you avoid nuisance tripping and lead to a more reliable facility. You'll also find our reports have electrical distribution documentation that's helpful for future expansion projects.

Arc flash package options - compliance package, safety package, and remediation package.

Tailor the Study to Meet Your Needs

Each facility is different, so arc flash packages should be too. We offer three different power system study packages, from staying up to code to a long-term outlook. The Safety Package is our most popular option, but we'll work with you for the perfect fit.

Our Process Your Guide to a Successful Study

With 70+ years of electrical experience, our team of data collectors and engineers does more than keep you up to code. With any of our three arc flash packages, you'll have a complete power system study that fits your needs. Each study is reviewed and approved by a licensed engineer, giving suggestions for a safer facility. Learn what makes our process different.

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Poster Suit Yourself: PPE for Incident Energy

Electrical incidents happen in an instant and can have life-ending consequences. Protect yourself when working on energized equipment with the right personal protective equipment (PPE). Keep a copy of this free resource in your electric room for an easy reference on what gear is needed.

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Sample Report Gain Actionable Steps for Your Facility

Our arc flash report does more than meet code compliance, it makes your facility safer. With thorough documentation of your electrical distribution system, arc flash labels, and recommended solutions, you'll feel confident in your next steps after the assessment.

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