Streamlined Power Distribution with Customizable Electrical Skids

When you’re faced with tight deadlines and complex project requirements, safe and effective electrical skids from Interstates can give you a reliable advantage. Designed to minimize site construction constraints and expedite power-up processes, our electrical skids ensure your project moves forward quickly and efficiently. With components housed in a Nema 3R/Nema 4 arrangement for durability and ease of maintenance, every skid is pre-engineered on a robust steel frame. This is a portable, fully integrated, and self-contained solution that offers quick and easy placement on-site.

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The Importance of Electrical Skids

Safety First

Building our skids off-site in a safe, climate-controlled environment reduces the risk of injury on your jobsite and helps us meet the rigorous standards our clients expect.

One-Stop, Fully Integrated Solution

From engineering to manufacturing to ongoing maintenance, our decades of cross-industry expertise provide you with skid solutions that are ready for immediate deployment, complemented by on-site layout and design consultation.

Time Efficiency

Using electrical skids reduces scheduling delays, plant downtime for retrofit projects, and installation labor. Fully assembled and operational upon delivery, our skids are built for quick integration and immediate power distribution.

Added Certainty

We collaborate with you to create and refine the standard design that works best for your job site, so you know you’re getting exactly what you need.

Our Proven Approach

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More Than Just Power for Projects

Interstates is committed to delivering modular skids that stand out for their quality, efficiency, and reliability. Our electrical skids offer a quick and effective power distribution solution tailored to meet your specific needs. Notable for their robust design and safety compliance, our temporary power skids set industry standards for excellence. Partner with us for a flexible, turnkey solution that promises high quality, reduced project timelines, and consistency across your operations.

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