Painless Electrical Retrofits

The electric system is the nerve center of your operations, and an aging electrical infrastructure won’t heal on its own. You need a comprehensive evaluation of your facility’s electrical health and recommendations on the upgrades and replacements that will take you into the future. Interstates’ ERx is a phased approach to electrical upgrades and compliance. Our turn-key remediation solutions are fast, effective, and minimize downtime, taking the pain out of electrical retrofits.

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The Importance of Electrical System Evaluations


Upgrading with ERx can keep your people safe and help avoid injuries from old, failing, and unsafe equipment.


Updating your electrical infrastructure will help you meet code changes and fix any issues found during the evaluation phase.


Old gear will fail eventually. It's best to fix it before it becomes a problem. Our team will help you avoid the headache of unplanned outages from legacy systems.


Is your facility at or near capacity? Don't let your electrical infrastructure hold you back. Plan for expansion now and be set up for the future.

Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

Picture of unsafe equipment.

Lower Safety Risk

If your plant’s gear is overdutied or burdened with a high arc flash hazard, your safety risk is too high. We can show you where the problems lie and help you replace high-risk gear with something safer, protecting your people from life-threatening injuries.

Photo of a small, but well-kept control panel.

Fix Code Violations

Your plant may have been compliant in the past, but it’s important to take another look and make sure you’re up to date when planning electrical system changes. Our evaluation looks for NEC code issues in your plant and identifies options for electrical remediation. A facility that meets current compliance will keep your employees and equipment safe and ensure you can expand and install new equipment. We can recommend and execute the updates to get you there.

Picture of an older electrical system in an industrial facility.

Avoid Failures and Outages

It's not a question of if old gear will fail, but when. Ignoring your aging electrical infrastructure will result in failures, needing expensive parts you didn’t budget for and costly outages. You can boost reliability and save money with ERx.

Very clean and organized electrical equipment in a facility.

Increase Capacity

If your plant doesn’t have the capacity or physical space for expansion, there’s no room for potential production growth based on market demands. ERx can find ways to increase electrical load capacity and give you options to stay competitive in the future.

Our Process Your Guide to a Successful ERx

Our 5-phase electrical remediation process will take you through planning, implementation, and wrap-up. These are all necessary steps to help you minimize downtime, improve safety at your plant, and resolve electrical obsolescence issues before they cause larger problems.

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