Adopting the Gretzky Mindset

Arrow pointing down a highway towards a sunset.

Scott Peterson | April 16, 2024

Wayne Gretzky played for twenty years in the National Hockey League and has numerous records, awards, and accolades. One aspect that stands out is his nickname, “The Great One.” When asked in interviews how he always found himself in the right spot, his response was typically, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is now.”

The “Gretzky Mindset” is a principle we are integrating into our leadership at Interstates. If we can serve you, our clients, with this future-focused perspective, it benefits everyone. We aim to identify opportunities to help you navigate changes and position you for future success. Being proactive means we will address today’s challenges and anticipate those of tomorrow.

This approach can vary depending on your needs. Changes may involve integrating new technology or innovations into your projects, leveraging novel solutions or approaches, or considering how modular solutions or analytics can provide a competitive edge. Regardless of the changes you are contemplating, we are dedicated to partnering with you. Our goal is to adopt this mindset across all levels of our organization. While it may not lead any of us to the Stanley Cup, it enables Interstates to make the most significant impact with and for you.

If you want to partner with us to skate toward your team’s goals, we would love to hear from you!