Safe & Compliant Hazard Monitoring

Hazard monitoring systems must work correctly to keep your employees safe. Dust explosions result in loss of production, property damage, and even injury and death, but many plants operate with antiquated or nonfunctioning hazard monitoring systems. Our specialized service ensures NFPA 61 and OSHA 1910.272 compliance, prioritizing your personnel and facility safety. You can rely on our experts to find hazard monitoring problems, fix them, and get your facility running safely and smoothly.

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The Importance of Hazard Monitoring

Identifying Hazards

Hazard monitoring audits are essential for maintaining safety, compliance, and the overall well-being of your company and workforce.

Implementing Safeguards

Repairs and installations help maintain the integrity and reliability of your hazard monitoring systems, ensuring they continue to identify and mitigate potential issues.

Maintaining Compliance

Our audits help you achieve NFPA 61 or OSHA 1910.272 (m)(1)(i) compliance and gain confidence that you’re keeping your workers safe.

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Hazard monitoring equipment

Hazard Monitoring Audits

Is your plant operating with antiquated or nonfunctioning hazard monitoring systems? Our technicians analyze your site’s existing hazard monitoring system to verify that your sensing devices are working correctly. Our audits ensure your systems are fully operational, reducing the likelihood of an incident while protecting your workers and production.

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Critical Repairs & Installations

You might not have the in-house expertise to maintain or install hazard monitoring systems. So, what happens when something goes wrong? Our full-service approach sets us apart. We conduct thorough audits and also perform equipment repairs and installations. If a problem is identified, you don’t have to fix it yourself or find another company. We can handle it all and work with all brands of hazard monitoring systems.

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On-Site Support

If your hazard monitoring system is old or nonfunctioning, you need someone to diagnose the problem and someone to fix it. We can integrate almost any hazard monitoring system with common PLC/HMI operating systems, making it work seamlessly with your existing control systems. This allows you to view readings on your current HMI screens and shut down equipment when needed. Your plant will run safely and smoothly when our technicians troubleshoot and solve inefficiencies with your hazard monitoring systems.

White Paper Enhancing Safety Through Hazard Monitoring

Hazard monitoring helps to prevent accidents, reduce damages, and improve the overall safety of your facility. By implementing effective strategies, you can ensure your facility is secure, minimizing the likelihood of injuries and costly damages.

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Hazard Monitoring equipment

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