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Manufacturing networks often depend on manual processes that can be prone to human errors and cybersecurity solutions that might not provide adequate protection, leaving your plant exposed to potential attacks. Our Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions are designed to safeguard manufacturers from industrial adversaries. We offer comprehensive solutions that encompass assessment, design, implementation, and support of the Veracity OT Network Management Platform. When you partner with Interstates, you can trust us to proactively address industrial security threats and ensure maximum uptime for your operations.

The Importance of Software-Defined Networking

Simplified Network Management

Managing all of your industrial devices and switches through a single tool will save time and reduce inadvertent errors.

Digitization Preparedness

SDN empowers organizations to be more agile, efficient, secure, and cost-effective in their network operations, providing a strong foundation for the successful implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

Strengthened Security

Communication on your network can only occur with your explicit permission, thanks to a deny-by-default approach.

Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

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In today's world, where cybersecurity threats loom large and your plant grapples with outdated technology, aging equipment, and obsolete security standards, SDN brings a solution that's both comprehensive and reassuring. Unlike traditional security methods that trade complexity for security to achieve segmentation, SDN takes a proactive Device-By-Device, Deny-By-Default Micro-Segmentation approach. It's like putting a virtual firewall on every port, switch, and device. With SDN, you're not just safeguarding your plant; you're safeguarding your peace of mind.

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Eliminate Manual Processes

SDN simplifies operations by automating tasks and eliminating complex network configurations. For instance, missing VLANs on individual switches is a common problem that occurs and can require a lot of manual inspection to find. SDN's form of micro-segmentation eliminates the need for VLANs and will automatically segment traffic. Moreover, it replaces manual monitoring and management with centralized control, making device-based traffic management efficient and eliminating labor-intensive, device-specific setups. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of human errors, bolstering network reliability and security.

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Phased Approach

If you're uncertain about SDN implementation, rest assured that it offers flexibility through a phased approach. During switch replacements, consider integrating SDN-enabled switches into your plan, gradually building a more dynamic network. You can also start at the core or distribution layer, addressing significant communication needs without replacing every switch. Alternatively, begin with a smaller-scale deployment, like a single cell or production line, for testing purposes. Lastly, explore hybrid architecture, combining traditional networking with SDN to ease the transition and maximize your network's efficiency and security.

Case Study Prefabrication Shop Used Zero Trust Strategy to Manage Risk

Interstates’ IT/OT team recently faced a complex networking challenge at our prefabrication shop. Specifically, the network needs of this facility left our traditional enterprise network vulnerable and made it difficult for team members to do their jobs efficiently.

With the Veracity OT Network Controller installed, we regained control. SDN technology like this might challenge your IT and OT mindsets, but it will also give you greater visibility, control, and management.

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Employee running a skid in the prefabrication shop.

On-Demand Webinar Securing the Future: Expert Strategies for OT Cyber Resilience

Catch our on-demand webinar! This insightful session dives deep into the crucial domain of OT cybersecurity risk and resilience. Jason Weber, VP of Product at Veracity Industrial Networks™, teams up with Dave Smit and Adam Jongewaard, Senior Systems Analysts at Interstates, to share practical experiences and solutions. Get the scoop on strengthening your network's protection against today's cybersecurity threats.

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