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Your electrical infrastructure is crucial to your operations. Unplanned downtime poses significant risks, from financial losses to reputational damage. Don't find yourself caught in the middle of this downtime and embrace a proactive strategy with electrical obsolescence. This comprehensive audit from Interstates goes beyond routine maintenance, offering insights into the entire lifecycle and expectancy of your electrical components. Equipping yourself with this knowledge allows you to plan for upgrades and procure needed replacement parts.

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The Importance of Electrical Obsolescence Evaluations


Gain insight into the reliability and life expectancy of your power distribution equipment, including information on replacement parts, electrical equipment lifecycle, and our best estimate of its remaining operational life.


You’ll be able to control and manage the risk associated with outdated electrical equipment, whether you’re creating a robust spare parts inventory or prioritizing upgrades according to your organization’s needs.

Solutions to Optimize Your Operations

Expertise You Can Trust

We offer a unique combination of industry expertise and electrical knowledge. The process for an electrical obsolescence audit follows a structured approach similar to our other audits, involving discovery, data collection, research, and reporting. Our proprietary software application allows us to conduct electrical obsolescence audits efficiently.

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Electrical Remediation Planning

Our audit gives you the data you need to make decisions about electrical remediation, including the age of your equipment, model numbers, manufacturing years, and the availability of spare parts. This information empowers you to proactively replace outdated equipment or stock the vital parts you need to keep running. We’ll also give you a customizable spreadsheet that filters data, allowing you to identify end-of-life or discontinued equipment. Our audit gives you a big-picture view of the electrical reliability of your facility while enabling you to make financially sound plans for the future.

Case Study Auditing Aging Electrical Gear to Avoid Downtime

Don’t be late to the game when it comes to aging or obsolete equipment. When electrical equipment ages, it can be difficult to find parts, and in sudden downtime, that’s the last thing you want. Understanding your equipment lifecycle with an audit can help you avoid unnecessary headaches.

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