System Integrator of the Year

Daren and Michael holding the System Integrator of the Year award.

December 19, 2023

Interstates is honored to have received the 2024 System Integrator of the Year award in the large category (over $30 million in revenue) from Control Engineering and Plant Engineering. This recognition, which is the third occasion following previous wins in 2017 and 2010, underscores Interstates' continued commitment to excellence and innovation in automation, OT environments, and the broader field of system integration.

Proving Our Commitment to Continued Excellence and Innovation

The System Integrator of the Year award, which involves a thorough and rigorous application process, is not just a symbol of our achievement but a reflection of Interstates' unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions and being an invaluable partner to our clients. With a focus on smart manufacturing strategies and overcoming challenges such as funding indecision and technology awareness gaps, Interstates has positioned itself at the forefront of industry advancements.

For our clients, this award is more than just a trophy on a table. It represents a promise of quality, reliability, and forward-thinking solutions. Interstates' recognition in the large category signifies our capacity to handle large-scale, complex projects with the same agility and precision we use to execute smaller ones. Our commitment to continuous improvement, guided by best practices and agile methodologies, ensures that our clients are always at the cutting edge of technology and efficiency.

The Rigorous Judging Process

The judging panel for the awards program consisted of industry experts volunteering their time. They evaluated the finalists based on business skills, technical competence, and customer satisfaction. This comprehensive approach ensures that the award is given to a system integrator that not only excels in technical expertise but also thrives as a business and maintains high levels of client satisfaction. Interstates is proud to fit this description for the third time.

Navigating the Evolving System Integration Landscape

Daren Dieleman, Vice President of Operations at Interstates, was interviewed by the awards committee on current issues facing (and changing) the world of system integration. With the emergence of new technologies like the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud computing, and AI-based applications, the role of a system integrator has become more crucial than ever. Interstates works hard to stay on top of new trends and technologies so we can offer relevant expertise and solutions to our clients.

Dieleman emphasized the importance of clear communication and the need to understand and protect the data flow within manufacturing environments, saying, “With the OT environment connected, the overall drivers of uptime and efficiency remain but also include the need to protect and understand data flowing from devices. Clients ask integrators to shield their data and facilities from cybersecurity threats, while simultaneously asking them to organize and interpret data from an increasing density of devices and sensors into actionable intelligence.”

In addition to our expert handling of data and cybersecurity needs, we have made it a point to stand out in the realm of global supply chain navigation. Our dedicated supply chain team plays a pivotal role in this success, highlighting our holistic approach to project management and client satisfaction. “We have seen projects get delayed, but in general, we continue to work closely with our vendors, partners, and clients to ensure projects can be completed as planned,” says Dieleman.

He shared with Control Engineering and Plant Engineering some specific methods Interstates has used to address recent supply chain challenges:

  • Standardization: Purchasing equipment early before a detailed design is accomplished can shorten the design time needed to specify a custom equipment order.
  • Flexible product selection: Working with vendors to select equipment options that minimize lead time impacts or are actually in stock can benefit the schedule. Small changes to features can make a large impact on availability.
  • System design approach: For electrical and control systems, consider what you can do to allow work to proceed despite long lead times for equipment.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we remain focused on our mission of delivering innovative solutions and making a positive impact. This award is not just a recognition of past accomplishments but a promise for future successes. We thank our clients, partners, and the dedicated team at Interstates for making this possible.

For more information about Interstates and our system integration solutions, please visit our website at or contact us at 712-722-1662.