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December 19, 2023

Interstates has once again solidified its position as an industry leader by successfully passing the rigorous Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) Audit in order to achieve CSIA Certification for the eighth time. This accomplishment showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence and demonstrates Interstates’ continuous pursuit of ’a better way’ in all aspects of our business.

What Is CSIA Certification and Why Does It Matter for Our Clients?

CSIA Certification is a demanding process that scrutinizes companies based on their adherence to the organization’s best practices in ten critical business areas, including general management, human resources management, financial management, quality management, and cybersecurity, among others. Attaining this certification is not just about meeting industry standards; it’s about surpassing them, ensuring a level of service and reliability that our clients can trust implicitly.

For our clients, working with a CSIA Certified integrator like Interstates means partnering with a company that is not only technically proficient but also excels in business management and customer service. This certification is essentially a guarantee of our commitment to delivering the highest quality of service, executing projects with financial stability, and prioritizing long-term success. It assures our clients that they are engaging with a company that is evaluated and endorsed by a respected industry body.

The Path to Certification

The CSIA Certification process involves a detailed assessment of a company’s compliance with the established best practices and benchmarks. The audit, which can be conducted remotely for recertifying companies, is an intensive review of the company’s operations, covering everything from business management to technical capabilities and cybersecurity measures.

CSIA manages the entire certification audit process, ensuring that it remains rigorous, fair, and comprehensive. The association trains and authorizes auditing firms, provides materials to support its members who are preparing for the audit, and carries out administrative duties related to certification.

Our journey through the CSIA certification process reflects our dedication to continuous improvement in all aspects of our work. Jeff Miller, Director of Project Management at Interstates, played a pivotal role in this year’s audit process. He says, “I am a very strong proponent of going through the CSIA certification process and have led our company through five certification audits to date over the last 16 years. For us, the big benefit comes in the application of best practices into our systems and how this has helped our projects deliver better. We have also improved our employee onboarding and training processes, which has helped in getting team members up to speed quicker as well as helped us retain our team members.”

Implementing CSIA best practices at Interstates has had a lasting impact on various aspects of our operations. From enhancing our project delivery to improving employee onboarding and training processes, these practices have been integral to our growth and success. Our ability to maintain high standards in these areas is a direct result of our adherence to the rigorous standards set forth by CSIA.

Why CSIA Certification is a Benchmark for Excellence

CSIA Certification is not merely about meeting a set of criteria; it’s about how we at Interstates embody a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. It differentiates certified companies from their peers by demonstrating a commitment to superior business practices and technical proficiency.

While technical expertise is essential, CSIA Certification also emphasizes the importance of robust business and management skills. This holistic approach ensures that certified integrators are well-equipped to meet not only the current but also the future needs of their clients.

More Value for Our Clients

By partnering with Interstates, an eight-time CSIA Certified integrator, our clients benefit from:

  • Assurance of quality and reliability in system integration solutions
  • Confidence in our business stability and long-term operational success
  • The knowledge that they are working with a company that is continually improving and adhering to industry-leading practices

As we celebrate this milestone, Interstates remains committed to upholding the standards of CSIA Certification and continuously seeking ways to better our business and our people. This certification is more than an accolade; it is a testament to our dedication to our clients and our relentless pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our work.

You can learn more about our certifications, credentials, and other achievements at https://www.interstates.com/about/credentials

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