Leadership Means Action

A group of four people collaborating around a white board.

Doug Post | May 10, 2022

“Leadership is an action, not a position.” I recently came across this quote by Donald McGannon. It got me thinking about how being a leader isn’t about the number of direct reports you have, your authority, status, or title. Leadership is about what you do and how you do it.

Leaders step up, even when things are hard, unclear, and there are obstacles. They don’t let challenges stall them out. Instead, they move through challenges to create opportunities. Michael Jordan missed more end-of-game shots than he made, but you can’t make the shots you don’t take. His game-winners didn’t happen when the perfect situation presented itself, but rather when he made the most of the available situation and took the shot! (Sorry, I just watched The Last Dance miniseries.)

Servant leaders help others grow and take action in a way that looks out for the well-being of their co-workers and clients. This involves listening well so that you can help others work through their challenges, find solutions, and get things done. It’s about helping others thrive – helping them take action that makes a difference.

How do you lead? Is it based on position alone or founded on a desire to take meaningful action and help others do the same? When you can leave status behind and focus on the goal you and your teammates are striving toward, leading becomes an active, productive method of change.