Drake Water Reclamation Project

Inside view of a wastewater treatment plant.

Interstates embarked on a wastewater treatment project with the City of Fort Collins and Hydro Construction to update the City’s Drake Water Reclamation Facility. The Drake facility, which can treat up to 23 million gallons of wastewater daily, uses programmable logic controllers to manage and automate treatment processes. Interstates provided the low-voltage switchgear, medium-voltage transformer, electrical construction, and installations, including control wiring and power wiring for the gas conditioning system and two generators.

Key Scope Components

  • Interstates used extensive preplanning on this project to design the underground system. The size of the equipment and existing conditions made for extremely tight spaces, so modeling to detect elevations and mapping out in-slab conduit helped installation go smoothly. Preplanning and modeling also enhanced safety on the project by allowing Interstates to close up open trenches faster.
  • Additional time was saved when Interstates assisted in building a custom switchgear capable of accepting both utility and cogeneration feeds.
  • After carefully studying early project drawings, Interstates noticed that conduits would be run in classified areas. Installing this conduit would require meeting higher standards and special seal-offs, limiting future access. We made a recommendation to avoid the classified area, which ended up giving them the ability to troubleshoot and expand in the future.

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