Partnership Brings Value To Clients

Four smiling Interstates team members.

March 9, 2023

Partnerships Are Critical To Our Success At Interstates.

We have many great partners, which allows us to live out one of our ‘why we exist’ statements of making a difference with our clients. Recently, Interstates was honored as one of the first Platinum-level system integrator partners of Rockwell Automation in North America. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Rockwell Automation uses this partnership to discover tailored, holistic, and innovative solutions. The Platinum level is the highest level of partnership for system integrators. The designation was given to only four integrators across North America, less than 1% of Rockwell’s partners.

This designation was awarded after a thorough application process and review of Interstates’ capabilities, competency, and strategic alignment with Rockwell Automation. Rockwell found value in Interstates’ broad range of capabilities as a full industrial system integrator, including industrial automation, operational technology, analytics, panel design and manufacturing, and 24/7 support. The depth of our expertise in those areas, combined with our national electrical design and construction capabilities, positions Interstates uniquely as a system integrator within the Rockwell Partner Network.

Platinum Designation Benefits Our Clients

We take pride in this prestigious designation. Having the highest level of partnership with Rockwell Automation demonstrates strategic alignment between our companies and carries with it several benefits that impact our clients as well. In addition to having our capabilities vetted by Rockwell Automation, Interstates will be conducting high-level strategic planning with Rockwell, participating in pilot programs with cutting-edge technology, and giving feedback on Rockwell products in the marketplace.

This partnership is a powerful opportunity for our clients. It gives them a high-level voice and the ability to leverage the program’s many benefits, including extended warranty possibilities, enhanced access to technical, sales, and marketing platforms, joint events, and introductions and interactions with strategic blue-chip brands.

Scott Peterson, CEO at Interstates, says, “This partnership is a great platform for us to do what we do well – take care of our clients and leverage technology exceptionally well.” The goal is always to help our clients solve their problems and increase productivity and competitiveness. With this exclusive partnership, we will build stronger ties with and utilize the expertise of engineering specialists and suppliers in the automation and manufacturing industry. Tapping into these resources means better solutions, reduced risk for our clients, and staying at the forefront of technological innovations to improve operations.

We look forward to what the future holds with this partnership and how we can work together with Rockwell Automation to bring even more value to our clients.