Global Petfood & Confectionary Supplier Project

Equipment used in a packaging facility.

Interstates was a key integrator for the rollout of the Network Security Monitoring (NSM) appliances for a large number of manufacturing plants in both North American and Latin America. The NSM solution provides a high level of visibility into the communications on the manufacturing floor for faster identification of threats and anomalies, as well as better asset reporting and tracking for each site. This project included training for the site personnel on the usage of the NSM appliance, so they can have a more active role in monitoring their specific site.

Key Scope Components

  • Review switch configurations and utilization for each site
  • Provide the NSM design for each site including switch configuration changes and NSM appliance installation guidance for the sites
  • Installation of the NSM sensor remotely or with site assistance
  • Change network configuration remotely, with site assistance, or with network contractor assistance
  • Provide tuning guidance and assistance for site personnel
  • Lock down the sensors once tuning is completed

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