We’re excited to introduce our new grain management automation services — helping you maximize productivity and profitability. We offer fundamental automation for safe and reliable grain elevator control that fits your budget. Our demo video below features a typical grain facility screen. In this video, you will see the three major features of Grain Management Automation including receiving, loadout, and equipment interlocking.

Keep Your Assets Secure

We understand your need to not only safely control your equipment but also protect your investments.

With Grain Management Automation you can efficiently add hazard monitoring devices or integrate with 3rd party systems. This helps prevent equipment damage or cross-contamination while mitigating safety risks.

Additionally, Grain Management Automation includes motor and device interlocking to reduce inventory shrink and peak energy use.

  • Scalable platform to add hazard monitoring
  • Motor and device interlocking
Grain Management Automation

Increase Grain Elevator Uptime

Keep an eye on all aspects of your operations. Leveraging control and monitoring capabilities can directly help you maximize overall uptime.

  • Basic start/stop equipment control and visualization
  • Industry-standard PLC/HMI platform
  • Reduced shrinkage and maximize uptime

Cost-Effective Peace of Mind

We know — there’s a lot to accomplish within a set budget. That’s why we designed our grain management automation services to fit the needs of both your business objectives and your bottom line.

We’ve leveraged our grain industry experience and technical expertise to deliver results that are both scalable and affordable, so we can find the right solution for you.

  • Cost effective
  • Simple, transparent pricing
  • Fundamental and scalable solutions

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