Revitalizing Your HMI Operations: A Series on FactoryTalk Optix

April 22, 2024

Diving into the transformative world of HMI operations, Rockwell Automation's FactoryTalk Optix portfolio is a comprehensive solution that spans the entire equipment lifecycle. Expand your knowledge of HMI operations with our partner, Rockwell Automation. As we approach an era where intuitive design, seamless deployment, and empowering operators become critical, this three-part webinar series offers multiple insights and practical strategies.

Details About This Webinar Series

From designing and testing HMI projects to deploying applications at scale, the webinar series is designed to equip attendees with insights into enhancing operator decision-making and minimizing downtime. With a focus on real-world applications, the second webinar will delve into the use of FactoryTalk Remote Access and a suite of deployment options for comprehensive project management. The series concludes by empowering operators with the right tools and information for proactive maintenance and operations. Walk away with these takeaways:

  • How this HMI solution can revitalize HMI operations
  • The best way to design and test your HMI projects for optimal collaboration
  • Creating your application once and deploying it at scale
  • Empowering operators with relevant data for faster decision-making

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Part One: Design & Collaborate

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Today’s digital landscape is evolving rapidly. HMI design engineers need new tools to quickly create intuitive visualization so operators can leverage plant floor data to enable the enterprise. This is where a modern HMI software platform with collaboration tools comes into play. These tools offer comprehensive project visibility within a collaborative design environment so designers can work in teams to maximize productivity.


Paul Haikal – Commercial Portfolio Manager, Rockwell Automation
Chad Dale – Technology Consultant, Rockwell Automation

Part Two: Deploy Applications at Scale

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After harnessing the robust capabilities of FactoryTalk Optix to craft applications, users reach an essential juncture: the deployment phase. Field devices are the destination, and while local deployment through a USB drive or LAN remains a staple, FactoryTalk Remote Access presents a modern twist. It empowers users to deploy applications securely from any global location via VPN, courtesy of Rockwell Automation’s cloud infrastructure. During this webinar, Rockwell shares the nuances of FactoryTalk Remote Access and offers various deployment options, including ASEM 6300 industrial PCs, OptixPanel HMI terminals, and Embedded Edge Compute modules. The spotlight will also shine on how FactoryTalk Optix’s adaptable runtime licensing and its containerized deployment framework offer a definitive edge in a competitive market.


Al Letourneau – Product and Marketing Manager, Rockwell Automation
Jessica Morell – Remote Access Product Manager, Rockwell Automation

Part Three: Operators Empowered

August 14, 2024 - 10:00 AM CT

Remote access tools in FactoryTalk Optix streamline maintenance processes by flagging operational issues and facilitating maintenance notifications. This seamless integration is bolstered by standardized out-of-box content, which not only promotes consistency across different machines but also eases the burden of operator training. Safety protocols, as well as troubleshooting and maintenance practices, are simplified and made more uniform. Furthermore, the platform's ability to gather, contextualize, and serve pertinent data to operators is instrumental in accelerating decision-making processes, curtailing downtime, and enhancing the efficiency of machines. The result is a harmonious orchestration of technology that optimizes the functionality and productivity of manufacturing operations.


Paul Haikal – Commercial Portfolio Manager, Rockwell Automation
Mark Hobbs – Software Senior Product Manager, Rockwell Automation