Holistic Support Services: An Integrated Approach to Facility Optimization

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October 23, 2023

Interstates Maintenance & Support (M&S) services provide value to our clients with end-to-end solutions for controls systems, networks, electrical equipment, and beyond. These solutions combine three branches of support – Operational Technology (OT) Infrastructure Support, Automation Support, and Electrical and Instrumentation Support – into one well-rounded offering.

Our M&S offerings provide solutions that prevent incidents from occurring, maintain facilities throughout their lifecycles, and get them back up and running when incidents occur. With a holistic mindset, our deep and varied bench of experts comes together to protect and optimize our clients’ facilities, leading to improved productivity, enhanced security, and increased workforce efficiency.

Why a Holistic Approach?

According to Adam Van Schepen, Automation Support Manager at Interstates, “By intentionally having a holistic approach, we are able to leverage the diverse disciplines we already provide to our clients across various types of facilities to optimize their operations. We want to offer a single-solution experience, providing value and end-to-end coverage for their control systems and processes.”

Benjamin Langton, Senior Offer Manager at Interstates, explains that an integrated approach to support and maintenance covers a variety of client needs. He says, “The activities necessary to operate a facility are interconnected. We look beyond the immediate issue to identify factors that contribute to sub-optimal performance and tailor our response across the multiple disciplines.”

Understanding Needs to Deliver Results

Getting to know our clients helps us create a tailored support plan. Van Schepen says, “We have contracts with clients for specific services, but sometimes they might not be aware of the full range of support we can offer. Our thought process is to identify their needs comprehensively and ensure they are aware of the additional solutions that could benefit them.” For example, if we are working with a client to troubleshoot an issue related to networking, we can bring in a network expert from our OT department. “We’ve had clients who were delighted to discover the additional support we could offer for their IT/OT integration,” says Van Schepen.

A Deeper Look at Each Discipline

Interstates’ M&S offerings are grouped into three disciplines, each offering distinct benefits to our clients:

  1. Electrical and Instrumentation Support: The technicians on this team are electricians with extensive instrumentation experience who handle maintenance activities such as heat trace audits and breaker testing and are available to tackle any emergent issues. Conducting regular, thorough maintenance helps prevent downtime and optimizes facility performance.
  2. Automation Support: Our automation experts provide support for PLCs, HMIs, and application development. They troubleshoot code, assist with IO issues, and ensure the smooth operation of automated control systems.
  3. OT Infrastructure Support: This branch focuses on the governance of control systems, including asset management, patching, and cybersecurity. By providing comprehensive OT support, our experts enhance facility security and operational efficiency.

Tailored Support Across Markets

Every industrial facility requires support now and again, whether it’s due to a crisis or just in the regular course of maintenance and seasonal shutdowns. Langton says, “We serve a wide range of industries, including feed mills, energy (oil and gas), biofuels (ethanol), and consumer packaged goods. Additionally, larger enterprise clients can significantly benefit from our preventative maintenance and OT solutions.”

Van Schepen further emphasizes the universality of the services. “Our services span across most control systems, from automation controls to field instrumentation, providing comprehensive solutions for any facility,” he says.

The Benefits of a Holistic Approach

Langton says, “Reliability is a huge component. By preventing downtime and promptly responding to issues, we ensure our clients’ facilities run smoothly, even during critical times.” Our support teams also contribute to efficiency gains. By maintaining and optimizing the facility and its systems, we help clients achieve their operational goals, ultimately driving greater efficiency and saving costs in the long run.

With experienced licensed electricians, instrumentation technicians, automation programmers, network analysts, and infrastructure specialists, we have the comprehensive skills required to optimize your facility’s performance, increase efficiency, and ensure reliable operations. If you are looking for a trusted partner to enhance your facility’s performance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to gain well-rounded, tailored support.