Oilseed Processing Midwest Project

Aerial view of a feed mill.

Throughout this oilseed processing project, our crews displayed mastery of project delivery and project controls. Interstates utilized an integrated project delivery approach to provide all electrical engineering and construction, also delivering the facility’s controls platform. Diligent tracking of the project’s status allowed us to adjust manpower as needed and stay on top of the schedule. This was our largest ethernet MCC project to date, and the results showcase our abundant knowledge in this area.

Key Scope Components

  • Installed 2,880,794 Feet of Wire
  • Installed 255,448 Feet of Conduit
  • Installed 1,950 Devices
  • Wired 2,090 Devices
  • Wired 660 Motors
  • Installed 1,525 Light Fixtures

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