Ardent Mills Newton, KS Project

Flour mill equipment.

Interstates upgraded the electrical systems for Ardent Mills throughout its Newton, KS, flour mill. Aging infrastructure and lack of space forced project leaders to think outside the box. With collaborative visual planning tools, an innovative solution was found that saved the client a considerable amount of money on electric bills.

Key Scope Components

  • Provided our ERx solution to fix problems before they cause unplanned downtime and costly repairs later. Interstates examined the plant’s safety, compliance, reliability, and capacity.
  • Installed a whole new service into the plant, as well as rewired numerous motors that had been piled into the building over time.
  • Built a new MCC room adjacent to the old one, which reduced risk on several fronts. New MCCs were wired and ready to go before the shut downs, increasing the quality of the installation and shortening downtime for the plant.

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