Connected industrial facilities are amazing, providing the operators with access to information and insight that helps keep them operating. Unfortunately, those lines of communication are vulnerable to threats such as cybersecurity breaches, maintenance outages, and technological obsolescence. Let our expert staff worry about the industrial controls in your facility while you focus on the production that drives revenue.

Tailored Cybersecurity Protection

Have your OT infrastructure designed and managed by experts who understand industrial environments.

Reduced Remediation Time

Dramatically cut remediation time and see a 90% reduction in remediation costs with our exceptional protection.

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Incident Recovery Time Halved

Resolve problems fast with a single point of contact for cybersecurity, OT, automation, electrical, and more.


Seamless IT/OT Cooperation

Protect your critical systems and ensure uptime with skilled support that bridges the gap between IT and OT.

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Dramatically Reduce Remediation Time

Achieve exceptional protection for your bottom line with a 90% reduction in remediation costs. Instead of contacting multiple vendors – from cybersecurity, OT support, automation, and beyond – we provide end-to-end OT infrastructure support and resolve problems fast, keeping you up and running.  

Validated Cybersecurity Protection

Our OT Infrastructure support team has the IT expertise and OT knowledge to protect your critical systems and ensure production uptime. Everything we do is built to protect and support your cybersecurity. We offer decades of experience in infrastructure support. Our team is constantly training and innovating to keep you ahead of the curve. One call to Interstates gives you total confidence that your facility's production will continue uninterrupted and your brand's proprietary information is secure.

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