Patching Malware Analysis

Three men viewing analytics data on a TV screen.

A large consumer packaged goods company partnered with Interstates to improve cybersecurity governance in their operational technology (OT) space. Interstates has become a key provider in their manufacturing OT environment by providing computer patching and malware prevention solutions.

The client faced challenges maintaining vendor-specific and company standards across 241 manufacturing locations in 180 countries. Interstates’ solution was a cybersecurity dashboard for tracking and measuring these standards, offering data insights into plant cyber compliance and analysis.

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Achieving Real Results

Cybersecurity governance necessary to remediate vulnerabilities

Ability to stay current on patches and protections

Insight from the data and compliance metrics


  1. Global Locations: Need to communicate expectations with 241 locations.
  2. User Interface Standards: Customer-specific standards and expectations relating to theming and layout.
  3. Query Time: Moving from once a day to close to real-time data analysis across multiple platforms.
  4. Surfacing Useful Information: Working across the global landscape to gather useful requirements and present the data evaluation to fit multiple cultures and expectations.
  5. Standard Enterprise Bureaucracy: Timeframe issues relating to development and platform acquisition delays due to bureaucracies through IT and project management.


This comprehensive solution combines device patch management using HCL BigFix, malware protection with CrowdStrike, and data transformation and management solutions from Microsoft. It empowers accurate and efficient identification and closure of vulnerabilities across the client’s enterprise landscape through robust patch management capabilities. The solution generates and monitors data against customer-defined compliance rules, establishing a holistic landscape health level for the organization. Leveraging the interactive dashboard in Microsoft Power BI, the end-point manager can continually adapt and ensure compliance according to the organization’s defined standards.

Return on Investment

This solution allowed Interstates to continue to provide high value to the client through responsive collaboration and deep expertise within the cybersecurity space. By actively monitoring and acting on behalf of the client, countless bad actors were prevented from capitalizing on open vulnerabilities. The client saves money with this solution by avoiding active vulnerability invasions and any associated costs and repercussions, such as modern lockouts due to ransom attacks or having to take costly emergency actions.

Download the Case Study