Lubbock Regional Office Gains Momentum

Four male Interstates team members wearing yellow PPE gear with their arms around each other's shoulders smiling.

March 15, 2022

Interstates’ Lubbock, TX, Regional Office opened in September 2018 and has already grown to 15 team members. After hiring a great local team for projects in Littlefield, TX, and Clovis, NM, Lubbock was chosen as a strategic location for expanding Interstates’ business across several industries.

Serving West Texas through the Panhandle

With a population of around 296,000, Lubbock is a crossroads of culture in West Texas that features a thriving arts and culture scene as well as Texas Tech University. Lubbock is also a crossroads of industries, making it a smart pick for Interstates. “We had looked at this region for a long time,” says Doug Brunsting, Vice President of Regional Offices at Interstates. “Lubbock is at the center point of our traditional agriculture and food & beverage clients north into the Panhandle and Oil & Gas clients south into the Permian Basin. We cover a larger geographic footprint than most other offices due to how our clients are spread out,” he says.

Recent Projects

The regional office’s third year has been exceptionally good as more and more projects are lined up. Our office's consistency with staff and craft personnel is leading to more opportunities and more clients. They are busy with single-day service calls to projects in the $1-2M range.

The Lubbock office recently completed a large project at a pet food facility, adding an automated canning and palletizing line. It included a 9-day shutdown and required all hands on deck.

Growing Steady in Lubbock

While there are always challenges with opening a new office, the Lubbock location was lucky to start with a strong base of local talent. “We’ve recruited some strong people from the area, so we had a good starting point for having a craft workforce. We also had some key team members from within Interstates who transferred to this office,” says Brunsting.

As the Texas regional office continues to grow, Interstates’ company-wide values shine through. According to Kevin Pulido, Foreman at Interstates, “We have a very talented group of employees, and one unique thing is how clients are quick to point out how much safety we bring to the site. Not many companies drive safety the way Interstates does, and I’m very glad to be a part of this new location.”

Meet our team at both 251 at the Texas Cotton Ginners' Association Annual Meeting & Cotton Trade Show.