Analytics Decision: Buy Or Make Capabilities

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Dan Riley | March 23, 2022

New software-as-a-service (SaaS) analytics platforms enter the industry every year, and each has unique capabilities for data-related needs. The choice between SaaS and OpS platforms is purchasing versus making capabilities.

See what three areas to compare when considering SaaS and OpS platforms.

Confidence in vendor

SaaS platforms have more learning resources, documentation of features, and support of their products. They also provide system integrator certification information.

OpS platforms have fewer resources, and they may be less organized. Clients lean on the knowledge of the integrator more than the platform vendor.

Value advantage: SaaS platforms

Development effort

SaaS analytics platforms are designed to span industry verticals and layers of industrial control which means it’s not specific to any of these constituents. The larger platforms require as much programming as smaller options.

OpS platforms have fewer standard software features, so it requires more development time relative to their license fees. They may also have a slower start.

Value advantage: Even


Big analytics platforms vary for various reasons like tier of service, license, and SaaS options. Currently, costs fit the manufacturing profile but are still relative to existing software solutions needed for a plant.

OpS platforms have cheap and free options with incurring costs from server resources.

Value advantage: OpS platforms

The best solution depends on your needs, so consider both as you review platforms for your facility.