Invested in your Wellbeing

Five people smiling wearing Interstates t-shirts.

Joel Van Egdom | October 23, 2023

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, or struggling? Each day, we face demands, challenges, and difficulties that impact our wellbeing. Wellbeing isn’t merely our physical condition or state of being. An individual’s wellbeing has elements that extend beyond the physical. Changes in relationships, financial state, physical condition, or employment are among the top drivers of stress, anxiety, and depression in our society. Your overall wellbeing comprises numerous dimensions, including emotional, financial, social, professional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Caring for the Whole Wellbeing

Family is a core value at Interstates. As we invest in our Interstates family, we recognize that our team members need a culture and resources that support their overall wellbeing. With that in mind, we have and will continue to prioritize investments that enable our family members to effectively manage the stressors in their lives and improve their overall wellbeing.

When employers reference their benefits package, they are typically referring to what they provide for holidays, personal time off, medical insurance, and retirement savings. While these aspects are important foundational benefits, we believe they are insufficient to provide the support and culture necessary for the overall wellbeing of our family members. At Interstates, we seek to provide more holistic support that spans the spectrum of our team members’ wellbeing. From a physical wellbeing perspective, in addition to excellent medical, dental, and vision benefits, we provide fitness center discounts, Profile Plan participation discounts, paid parental leave, doctor-on-demand services, and more. Our emotional wellbeing support provides our team members with a mental health resource guidebook that details the resources, counseling, and connection opportunities we bring to those facing emotional challenges.

How Interstates Provides for the Overall Wellbeing

Over fifteen years ago, I experienced Interstates’ commitment to providing resources to support financial wellbeing when my wife and I participated in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, hosted by Interstates. Today, Interstates works personal financial training into our apprenticeship classes and gives opportunities for our people to connect with personal financial planners at no cost throughout the year.

Social wellbeing is the dimension of our lives that refers to our connections and relationships, belonging to a community, and the opportunity to serve. Engage is a service project program that offers one avenue for Interstates team members to serve and make a difference in our communities. We offer a variety of service experiences and encourage our team members to engage in those together, fostering relationships while serving our communities.

Do you have a career coach? At Interstates, each team member has a coach who provides mentoring from a career perspective. These coaches help us set goals, seek feedback, evaluate career options, identify training opportunities, and ensure we experience strong career wellbeing. It is refreshing and empowering to have someone focused on helping you in your career!

Finally, in my experience, the strength of my overall wellbeing is grounded in my spiritual wellbeing. Spiritual wellbeing encompasses one’s personal beliefs, values, and purpose. At Interstates, we offer an Excellence in Leadership development training program, and one of the strongest aspects based on participant feedback is the development of a personal mission statement. This is just one way we challenge our leaders to discover, share, and live out their purpose and mission in life.

Is your organization investing to support you? Do you experience a culture that provides support for all dimensions of your wellbeing? I encourage you to seek out that culture and leverage the resources a strong culture will provide to enhance your overall wellbeing