Bellvue Water Treatment Plant Project

Inside view of a wastewater treatment plant.

The Bellvue Water Treatment Plant expansion, part of a long-planned expansion for the City of Greeley, upgraded the medium voltage distribution at the site, retrofitted the existing chemical feed systems to control and regulate polymer and disinfecting agents, and added a brand new treatment building with a multi-stage process train. The new building’s process, which upgraded the city’s water production to over 42 million gallons a day, included pretreatment flocculation and sedimentation, media filters, plate settlers, and sludge pumping.

Key Scope Components

Constructed a new treatment building, including installation of new Medium Voltage Switchgear and Pad Mount Transformer, a walk-in Low Voltage Switchgear, MCCs, numerous control panels, VFDs, Starters, Power Panels, Lighting Panels, and Dry Type Transformers. Overhauled the existing treatment buildings to upgrade control systems and instrumentation.

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