We strive to serve our communities and inspire our employees.

Encouraging Connection

The Interstates Foundation embodies a deep commitment to service and connection. Aligned with our Interstates Core values, it enriches our company culture by providing opportunities for team members to serve their communities. Our mission is to make a positive, lasting difference in our communities while inspiring every member of the Interstates family to serve.

Excellence in Leadership

Our Excellence in Leadership (EIL) program has been a cornerstone of our leadership training at Interstates, graduating over 30 classes since its inception in 2003. Today, we've expanded our commitment to leadership development, offering Excellence in Leadership (EIL) for Non-Profits, a transformative program tailored to non-profit leaders. In small-group settings, we provide them with essential leadership strategies, tools, and resources to enhance their ability to serve their teams and organizations effectively. This initiative underscores our enduring dedication to nurturing leaders within and beyond Interstates.

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Engage is an Interstates Foundation program focused on service projects. Our contribution, as individuals and as a company, to the world around us is not only measured by checking tasks off a list. It's the value we provide to our clients, our families, our work family, and our community that truly makes a difference.

The mission of Engage is to provide service and value to our communities that they're not getting elsewhere. We have a family of 1,100+ people who are uniquely gifted to serve. While serving our communities, we're also engaging our team members to live out our values and create stronger connections with each other.


The Interstates Foundation Board provides scholarships to the children of Interstates team members. Applicants have the opportunity to be selected for one of the $1,250 scholarships to pay for qualified tuition and related expenses such as fees, books, supplies, and equipment required for courses.

We also provide scholarships to students in our local communities who are pursuing a degree in fields related to the work Interstates does. Through our relationships with partnering schools, the Foundation is able to support students who are passionate about the work we do.

The purpose of these scholarships is to financially support those who show potential for academic success and embody the core values of Interstates and the Interstates Foundation.

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What People Are Saying

My experience with EIL was positive. There were a lot of concepts that I learned about as a brand-new concept; also, a lot of things that I maybe have heard before, but I was able to think about how I could apply them day-to-day. It was also just positive to connect with the other non-profit organizations.

Amy McAlphine, EIL Graduate 2021, Promise Community Health Center