The Only Ticket Every Trucker Wants


Make life easy using NTEP certified controls.

Scale tickets are important to many organizations with whom we work.  Organizations like yours may buy and sell off the values on these tickets hundreds of times per day. Because of this it is critical that these tickets be both accurate and legal-for-trade.  Many plants have printers, carbon paper, inboxes, clerks and, well, problems.

There is a better way. You may have heard otherwise, but weight data can in fact be captured electronically and stored in a database, allowing for additional flexibility with the data.  Most scales that you already have can be tied into a new system with communications cards.  Tickets can be printed on a standard laser printer using plain paper.  Lost tickets can be reprinted.  PDF versions of the tickets can be stored or emailed out to appropriate parties. Gone are the days when paper hard copies were the only acceptable legal-for-trade data capturing records allowed.  Once the information is in a database, it can also be sent out to your accounting systems.  The possibilities are endless!

All of this can be done through legal and NTEP-certified means. Don’t feel held hostage to your carbon copy tickets.  Partner with an integrator that can tie the scales into a system which captures the weights in an approved fashion.  Don’t feel like there is only one way.

By Ben Langstraat