Leading the Interstates Way: Welcome to The Leading Edge

We’re happy to announce that The Leading Edge blog is now part of our Interstates blog!

All future Leading Edge posts can be found in the Leading Edge category. Every other Thursday, Interstates leaders write Leading Edge blog posts. The purpose of these blog posts is to share inspiration and encouragement as our leaders navigate their unique leadership journeys.

Watch for upcoming Leading Edge blog posts from these leaders and a few special guests:

  • Scott Peterson, CEO
  • Doug Post, President
  • Dave Crumrine, President
  • Jack Woelber, President

Click here to read previous Leading Edge blog posts. Keep leading the Interstates way!


Don’t Forget to Lead!

Sometimes in the fury of change, we cope. We do what comes automatically to us in the moment. People ask us their questions and we…

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Leading Change is Hard

What’s harder than going through change? Short answer: Helping someone else go through change. Long answer: In my experience, helping others go through change proves…

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