Supporting the Interstates Family Through the Employee Crisis Fund

The Interstates Foundation is an employee-led organization focused on giving back to the community while encouraging employee involvement, developing people, inspiring leaders, improving quality of life and training technical skills. The Foundation supports causes that:

  • Team members are involved in and align with the Foundation's purpose and Interstates' core values
  • Develop people and leaders by helping them find their calling (i.e., where their skills, passion and ability to earn a living intersect)
  • Train people on technical skills that are needed in our industries and business units
  • Improve the quality of life in the communities where our offices are located

When COVID-19 began, Interstates Foundation asked themselves how they can live out their vision. They acted and started exploring how they can support their fellow team members at Interstates: their response was the Employee Crisis Fund. The Foundation created this fund to provide immediate assistance to pay for the basic needs of team members who are experiencing a crisis. Lisa Johnson, an Interstates employee and Foundation member, shared her thoughts on the fund. "Any crisis fund is something that you hope no one ever needs to use. But life is difficult, and at times, things happen that are beyond our control. The fund is a tangible way that the Foundation can assist our team members when a crisis strikes. It's also another way that Interstates can demonstrate their core value of family." Not only does it fit all of Interstates' five core values, but it's also a fit for the Foundation's mission.

Financial assistance from the fund is based on the individual situation. Applicant’s information remains confidential, with only a select few individuals reviewing the applications. The funds are available for expenses such as childcare, utilities, immediate disaster relief (blankets, food, medical supplies, etc.) and much more. This fund has already provided support for medical expenses, insurance bills and rent or mortgage for employees. The Interstates Foundation is excited for this fund to continue to support team members in challenging times.


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