So You Want to Be a Great Leader…

So, you want to be a great leader. What will it take for you to become a great leader? Well, it would it take:

  • More guts
  • Being bolder
  • Taking more chances
  • Blazing new trails 
BUZZ!!! Those are not the correct answers. It takes asking for … (you guessed it) … feedback.

So, if you want to make the top 90% of all leaders possible (e.g. be in the bottom 10% of effective leaders), then DON’T ask for feedback. You will allow the other leaders to shine and you can be the caboose.

However, if you want to be a very effective leader, it is simple – ask for feedback (general feedback and specific feedback). Ask teammates, supervisors, direct reports, peers, and clients. They all have a unique perspective that will help you identify how you are doing now, as well as what you could be doing to improve your leadership and your performance.

The best part of asking for feedback is that you are in control. You are mentally prepared to receive that feedback. This means you will not get as defensive and will be ready to receive the feedback as a gift. It also validates their opinions and forces you to listen. And listening to people will help you engage them and you will broaden your perspective (and keep you humble, since you will hear all the great ideas and feedback that people have).

Ask for feedback and continue to lead the Interstates way.

Scott Peterson


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