Track and Trace

Two programmers viewing data on computer monitors.

Track and Trace isn’t a buzzword; it’s an industry necessity. The FDA has placed new regulatory requirements on all food and feed manufacturers, requiring on-demand verification of source products on a supply chain. I-Control’s Track and Trace can generate the quick, accurate, and detailed reports you need to meet these requirements.

I-Control’s three reports can help you query information by requesting specific production runs or a specific items lot code, allowing you to:

  1. Identify lots crossing in a specific bin
  2. Track a raw ingredient from receiving through the manufacturing process and as they are loaded out or packed
  3. Track batches from load out to the raw ingredients

In the event of a product recall, you won’t have time to “wish” you had put the right processes in place beforehand. Instead, you’ll need the ability to respond quickly to determine which items are contaminated and minimize the damage. With I-Control’s new Lot Tracking reports, facilities can trace a product from receiving to load-out, identify all batches and runs in which that material was used, and identify any cross-contamination in a matter of minutes.

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