Pursuit of Zero

Three people wearing PPE gear viewing something in the distance.

Interstates has adopted behavioral-based safety practices for over a decade and continues to evolve to stretch their people to work safer.

Our organization strongly believes that “rules don’t keep people safe, culture does.” Interstates takes great pride in maintaining an excellent safety record and the proactive way the safety culture has been built. An enterprise-wide goal is to reinforce a strong Zero Injury Culture that keeps people safe. The ultimate goal is that every employee returns home in the same condition in which they arrive.

Throughout the journey to zero, our client partners have been critical to our success. Their passion and partnerships have helped build healthy work environments, which are vital to enabling our safety culture to grow. We want to see all our trade and client partners uncover a similar vision for zero injuries. We consider them an extension of our family, and we want all of our family to be safe.

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