I-Control: A Process Automation Solution

Two programmers viewing data on computer monitors.

Streamline Your Processes and Increase Your Output

Run your plant at peak output and reduce scrap and re-work with I-Control, a configurable solution that meets your site’s specific production, process, and data requirements. Helpful alerts and checks allow your staff to execute orders and manage ingredients, recipes, and inventory. I-Control integrates seamlessly with your business systems for Orders, Formulation, ERP, MES, and Quality and gives you the traceability data you need to comply with industry and government regulations.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Scalable and fully configurable, I-Control accommodates your unique needs and processes to help you run as smoothly as possible. Your total cost of ownership is reduced by utilizing industry-standard PLC hardware and HMI software that’s unlocked and not restricted to a certain Windows® operating system. With simple modifications completed through a traditional support contract, we can help you tune operations and manage equipment setpoints without changing PLC code.

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