Purpose is a Journey

A pair of shoes standing at the base of three arrows pointing in different directions.

Catherine Bloom | October 23, 2023

For many years, I thought finding your purpose was the key to a fulfilling life. If I could just uncover that big thing I was made to do, I would understand my purpose. I have recently been learning that purpose is a journey, not a narrowly defined patch of ground. When I think about purpose as more of a direction than a destination, it is much less daunting.

I have discovered that living with purpose can be as simple as setting my intentions for the day. My intentions often focus on how I want to show up – at home, in a meeting at work, or with my friends. Taking the time to think about, and even write down, how I want to show up has been a helpful practice. I’m consciously choosing how I want to approach the day or a specific situation. My intentions are rarely lofty. They are as simple as deciding to play in the pool with my kids rather than sit on the side and watch or really listen in a meeting with a challenging co-worker.

Setting my intentions for the day has benefited me and those around me. It helps me be more fully present, and people get a better version of me. I feel more alive and content. I don’t need to accomplish something big each day; I just need to show up how I intended.

Finding your purpose doesn’t have to involve a soul-searching, one-time event. Purpose can be found in setting daily intentions and finding meaning and fulfillment in the everyday moments of life.